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Dear woman!!! You are not just a body that men flock to touch, kiss and have. You are infinitely more in-fi-nit! You are a soul and you enliven everything you touch. You are Reason! But not an empty, bland reason, but one that combines thought with feeling. You are the Dream! That a man has every time he closes his eyes. You are a sum of quantities and flaws that make you Perfect. You are strong! And if you don't believe me, see how far you're willing to go to protect the ones you love. You deserve Love. You deserve it Beautiful. You deserve well. AND NOTHING ELSE.
Never stoop to the level of those who criticize you, or gossip behind your back. This proves that you are way ahead of them. And their place must always be behind you.
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How old am I???? The age when I don't care what the world thinks. The age where I have no time for regrets or temporary people.????
Pour yourself some hot coffee. I know it's evening... But I insist... Leave the curtain aside. Turn off that sad light bulb... Sit by the window and look at the sky. Leave your thoughts alone. Stop being so severe... Cry and cool your body. Then laugh at yourself. Life is not as bad as you think. Sip every moment, every drop of it. Write, sing, draw. Be happy
The most beautiful people are those who have known defeat, worries, suffering, sadness and found the strength to overcome everything. They are full of compassion. You always find a kind word and understanding from them. Beautiful people don't become beautiful overnight, the problems they overcame made them more beautiful.
If anyone thinks they can take me down, they're wrong????. Suffering makes me stronger.????
A wonderful woman is one who stresses herself out and has heavy burdens to bear. She smiles when she wants to scream, sings when she wants to cry, cries when she's happy and laughs when she's afraid of something. Love unconditionally. Only one thing is wrong with her. They often forget how much they are worth!
How beautiful you are and how beautiful you think! You probably have everything you want... I don't even have what I want, I don't even consider myself beautiful. Know that this beauty you talk about is an obstacle, people misjudge you, I think you have material claims that are hard to match, on top of that I think you are also superficial and I think they have the right to categorize you. This beauty you speak of is a chore, I would gladly give it in exchange for what I want. What do you want?? Quiet. And love, right??? LOVE MEANS PEACE.
I am not what others would like me to be. But neither what others think. I am what others can never be????
Never stoop to the level of those who criticize or gossip behind your back. This proves that you are way ahead of them and their place must always be......Behind you
Throughout life you learn everything. You learn to live, but also to die a little with each failure, with each giving up, with each abandoned dream, you learn the joy of winning, but also the pain of losing. You learn to depend on people, then you learn to live without them. You learn to love and sometimes hate the ones you loved. You learn to fly, then you learn to crawl dreaming of flying, you learn what it's like to have everything, but also what it's like to have nothing. You learn to carry the burdens of the soul, and when you can no longer, you learn to get rid of them. You learn to wait and procrastinate, then you give up.
How beautiful you are, how beautiful you think. You probably have everything you want... I don't have what I want, I don't even consider myself beautiful. You should know that this beauty you speak of is an obstacle. People misjudge you, I think you have material requirements that are difficult to meet. Equally, they think you're superficial on top of that and think they have the right to rank you. This beauty you speak of is a chore, I'd gladly trade it for what I want. what do you want Peace... And love, right?.... Love means Peace
I am the age I am and I love it. I have wrinkles, but I don't hide them, they are the signs of my happiness and the traces of sadness. I believe in myself, I've never shown that I'm out of class and feeling beautiful means believing in yourself, in who you are, in what you can do????
Never apologize for who you are. If people don't like how you talk, how you look, how you act. That means these people are not part of your story. Don't change to fit the landscape. Choose the landscape in which you find yourself. And don't forget... BE YOU????
Never condemn people,... Good people... Good people, they bring you peace. Bad people... Bad people, I bring you the experience. People and worse.. bring you the lesson. But the best people.... They create your Memory????
For those of you who can't stand me, sit back and wait for me to care. ????


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